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Commercial Real Estate Management, Development and Leasing


2020 Colby Office Holiday Schedule

Tuesday, January 1 – New Years

Monday, May 27th – Memorial Day

Thurs & Fri. , July 4th & 5th – 4th of July

Monday, Sept. 2th – Labor Day

Thursday and Friday, Nov. 26th  & 27th-- Thanksgiving

Thursday and Friday,  December 24th & 25th -- Christmas


We would like to remind everyone that all requests for service must be in writing. Please feel free to use and submit the form on this website, to email us or to print and fax a form to our office. If you notice something in the common areas, please do not assume that someone else has submitted or that we will just notice it.

The parking spaces closest to a building should be reserved for customers. All employees should be parking away from the building. Even if your business does not have a lot of foot traffic, please think about and be respectful of your neighbor.

Office tenants:

Please keep chair mats under all rolling office chairs.

Restaurant tenants:

Please remember to have grease traps, hoods, etc. cleaned/inspected and a copy sent to our office.

Retail tenants:

Please remember to have semi-annual servicing of your heating/cooling systems.

All tenants:

Please remember that no advertising or other signs shall be placed on the premises without the written consent of Landlord and in some instances the City.

Please provide our office with any new keys if you have your space re-keyed for any reason.


It is in the Tenant's best interest to have insurance to cover their personal property. Property kept on leased premises is at Tenant's sole risk. Landlords generally are not liable or responsible for any loss, theft, or damage to property on or about the leased premises, including but not limited to damage caused by bursting or leaking of pipes or plumbing fixtures, water, snow, frost, steam, excessive heat or cold, sewage, gas and odors. 

Liability Insurance

Our Tenants are required to carry and to furnish us proof of liability insurance in amounts of not less that $500,000 for bodily injury or death to one person and not less that $1,000,000 for bodily injury or death to any number of persons in any one occurrence and for property damage not less that $100,000.


Please remember to keep any common areas of the building (hallways, restrooms, alleyways, parking lot, sidewalks, grounds. . .) free from debris, trash, equipment, etc. Any items found in a common area will be thrown out and any charges for the clean up will be billed back to the Tenant responsible.


If you are having service done on your phone/internet and the contractor will need into the building meter room, please notify us in advance of them arriving. Otherwise it may take up to an hour before our personnel can arrive and unlock the door.


Walk-ways are cleared when more than 2" of snow or ice has fallen and parking areas are only cleared after 2" of snow has fallen. In either case, removal does not start until after the storm has passed or enough has fallen to make access to the property difficult. Landlord will use its best efforts to remove ice and snow only once per storm.


Please take a few seconds and let us know how we are doing!! Follow the link on top of this page and fill out our Tenant Survey.


If you have a system in place, please send us your form and we will provide the necessary information. We also have numerous tenants who make use of their bank's bill paying systems; and of course checks, money orders etc. may be mailed or dropped off at our office. There is a mail slot for after business hours in the door directly west of our main door.


With the recent and ongoing fire inspections being done by the various cities, we would like to remind all Tenants that according to the lease, it is the Tenant's responsibility to provide and maintain fire extinguishers in their space.

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