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Commercial Real Estate Management, Development and Leasing

Charles Iowa Colby formed Colby Interests in 1947. The family-owned business has continued to expand, and current holdings cover a broad spectrum of commercial office, retail buildings and development land.


Over the years the Colby Family has established an enduring history of family strength and unity. As head of the family Charles I. Colby believed that family was the foundation of everything and strongly believed in the proverb that one stick might be broken easily but a bundle of sticks tied together had great strength. The Colby family has used the symbol of a bundle of sticks to represent their family unity throughout the generations.

Core Values
Integrity: We always choose to be Respectful and act with Impeccable Trustworthiness.
Heritage: We embrace our family legacy of Hard Work and Fun.
Hard Work: We approach our business with a strong Work Ethic and Entrepreneurial Spirit.
Creative: We use Creativity to grow opportunities and solve challenges.


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